The Postech Orchestra is an amateur orchestra organized in February 2006 to cultivate passion in university members who are devoted to studying and research, and to make a unique Postech culture that unites science and music. HanUllim, the university’s classical music club, is the principal axis of the Postech Orchestra. Professors, staff, and researchers are all included, so the Postech Orchestra is truly our own university orchestra. Professor Kim, Jung Ki (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences), who has guided HanUllim from the very beginning, is the head of the Postech Orchestra.
  • The Postech Orchestra played “Royal Fireworks” by Handel and “Surprise Symphony” by Hayden at the founding concert on June 2, 2006, just three months after forming. Also, the Postech Orchestra played at Postech's 20th anniversary concert on November 30, 2006. At that concert, the Postech Orchestra played “Prelude of Rosamunde” by Schubert, Symphonie No. 5 “Schicksal” by Beethoven, and Kindersymphonie by Hayden. In particular, Symphonie No. 5 “Schicksal” by Beethoven is very passionate music and it means to overcome difficulties, development, hope, victory, and glory. This music is very appropriate with Postech's image of aiming to be the world’s best science and engineering university and Postech's ideals like challenge, hope, and accomplishment. That is why the orchestra chose this music to play. Also, they wanted to show Postech members harmony in the Kindersymphonie. Professors, undergraduate and graduate students, and staff in the audience all played toy instruments together. The Postech 20th anniversary concert program that was chosen to support Postech's enterprising spirit was a big challenge to the newly born amateur orchestra, but the orchestra members practiced hard and they played a very meaningful concert. University members were very impressed with the performance.
  • The Postech Orchestra (http://orchestra.postech.ac.kr) holds a regular concert once a year as a part of the cultural program. The orchestra also plays at the graduation and entrance ceremonies. The Postech Orchestra started to play Lunchtime Concert at the Ji Gok Community Center on March 27, 2009. The orchestra also plans on playing many concerts at various locations in the university to closed audiences.
  • Orchestra means each player listens to the other players sounds and makes harmony together. So, not only is this activity very good education for students, it also contributes to Postech’s beautiful culture of paying attention to and considering each member of the university. However, the Postech Orchestra members are not professional players, so they have certain limits in their playing abilities. They also do not have sufficient time to practice because of their studies and work. This is especially true of students who want to be world leaders in science and engineering. In spite of these difficulties, growth is expected because of their passion in music and harmony between the members.