The Counseling Center is thinking about you first.
The Counseling Center is the place that helps students to accomplish self-growth and to have happy university lives. Students have to make plans and decide everything by themselves at university, Students not only worry about their studies, but also about relationships with other people, careers, future plans, personal values, etc. Students don't have to worry alone, They can make use of the services provided by the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center helps students to solve their problems wisely and encourages self-growth actively.
The Counseling Center is always with you.
  • Individual counseling : Through regular meetings with a professional counselor once a week for 50 minutes, you can solve problems like relations with other people, emotions, personality, studies, one's values, careers, and you can grow emotionally.
  • Group counseling : Through meetings with other students, you can understand yourself and other people more, exchange useful information, and try to put your strengths together to accomplish your goals. There is a self-discovery group, an uneasiness about other people group, a communication training group, and a stress management group.
  • Psychological tests : There are many kinds of tests like a psychological test, personality-type test, MMPI human nature test, career and job interest test, and an intelligence test to help understand an individual's special psychological qualities.
  • Sexual harassment and sexual violence counseling and support : To establish a healthy sexual culture at the university, we run education programs for the equality of the sexes and education programs for the prevention of sexual harassment and sexual violence. We also offer professional counseling and psychological/physical support when sexual harassment or sexual violence occurs.
  • Suicide prevention and crisis counseling : When students are at risk of suicide or dealing with a major crisis, we have social, physical, and medical support to help students overcome the crisis and go back to daily life.
  • Special lecture for mental health : We prepare many special lectures and workshops to promote mental health such as stress of university life and adjustment, sex and marriage, crisis management, and suicide prevention.
  • Research and study : Research on the actual conditions of new students and how students adjust to university life are carried out to help improve the counseling of students.