Language Edu

Background of Establishment
The POSTECH Language Education Center (POSLEC) was established in February, 2004 to increase the linguistic ability of POSTECH students (undergraduate and graduate students) and the university staff (school personnel, researchers). POSLEC also tries to increase the understanding of Korean language and culture for foreigners at the university.
  • Language Lectures
    We open various English lectures like Technical Writing, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc. for students and staff trying to increase their practical foreign language abilities like speaking, writing, etc. during the regular semesters and intersessions. Also, we open basic and intermediate Korean classes for foreigners.
  • English Clinic
    The English Clinic is a chance for POSTECH students and staff to answer their questions about English in a one-on-one environment with native English speakers.
  • Correction and Translation Service
    POSLEC edits English research papers and essays for professors and graduate students to assist their studies and work. POSLEC also offers Korean-English and English-Korean translation services.
  • English Library
    The English Library has been established to increase students interest in English and to make the study of English more fun and efficient.
  • Administering the ITP (Institutional TOEFL Test)
    The test is offered 10 times a year to satisfy students' graduation requirement of 550 points in the TOEFL.
  • Campus English
    In order to raise international competitive power and to promote the use of English on campus, we invite English university students and graduates to POSTECH during the summer intersession period. It increases Postechian's English speaking ability and cultivates self-confidence in English.